Kirazlı Project is Located in the Biga Mountains According to the Scientific Research

Kirazlı Project is Located in the Biga Mountains According to the Scientific Research

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Education, Geography Education Faculty Member Prof.  Dr.  Rüştü Ilgar and the inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry have reported that Kirazlı village with the Kirazlı mine field is not located in the Kaz Mountains.


Prof. Dr. Rüştü Ilgar’s article published in the ‘Environment and Nature Magazine’ stated that Kirazlı village is located in the Biga mountains, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inspectors, who investigated the complaint of a political party in the region, stated that it was determined that Kirazlı was not located in the Kaz Mountains.


Science, law and official authorities put an end to the smear activity that started on the operations carried out in Kirazlı-Balaban region with the perception that ‘gold mining is being operated in the Kaz mountains’ in the past years. Upon a criminal complaint of a political party, an inspector was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and in the preliminary report prepared, it was stated that the EIA positive certificate was given for the mine exploration activities in Kirazlı Village Balaban Hill with the permission of the Prime Ministry and the approval of the Ministry. The continuation of the report stated that “It was determined that the study area is 36.7 km air distance away and not within the boundaries of Kaz Mountains National Park”.


The discussions about the Kirazlı region were also the subject of an article in the magazine ‘Environment and Nature’ published in Çanakkale. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Rüştü Ilgar gave the following views in his article on the locations of Kaz Mountains and Kirazlı-Balaban region;


“Kaz Mountains are a mountain range fifteen kilometers wide and sixty kilometers long.  It covers an area of 160,161 hectares with Dikili Mountain in the west, Dede Mountain in the northwest, Kaz Mountain (Ida Mountain) and Gürgen Mountain in the middle, Karakatran Mountain and Sakar Mountain (Susuz Mountain) in the northeast and Eybek Mountain in the southeast. 21.450 hectares of these mountains were declared as a National Park with the decision numbered 1993/4243 of the Council of Ministers as Kaz Mountain National Park and was taken under protection. This is a National Park within the borders of Edremit District. There are extensions of Bayramiç Plain and Dam, Ağı Mountain and Etili Plain before Kaz Mountains… Then comes Biga Mountains, which is the field of activity of Doğu Biga Mining Company.


It was understood that the Federation of Environment and Nature Associations operating in Çanakkale has also carried out a study on the subject. The Special Provincial Administration stated that the administration granted only 3 gold and silver mine licenses to open and operate a business in response to the association, which applied with an official letter following the increasing rhetoric in the Çanakkale region. It was among the information obtained that the official letter given to Çanakkale Regional Directorate of Forestry regarding the location of the Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine Project was answered as “Kazdağı National Park is outside the boundaries of our Regional Directorate of Forestry”.